About Heart Coast

Heart Coast is my tribute to the Midwest.  The Midwest has been referred to as the heartland or the Third Coast for those of us who live along the Great Lakes.  For my purposes, I decided on Heart Coast combining the heart of the country, or Turtle Island, and the beautiful coastlines of the Great Lakes and our numerous inland lakes.

I have spent my entire life living in the Midwest and have turned down numerous opportunities to move elsewhere in the United States.  No matter where I have traveled in the world, the land here is where I call home.

Come enjoy my celebration of spirit and nature in the Heart Coast.

About the Author

Lois A. Remeikis is a teacher of earth honoring traditions of Peru and Chile and non-denominational minister.  She has studied for over 16 years the spiritual, healing, and shamanic practices of Peru and Chile.These include trainings with Susan Lipshutz LCSW in Chicago, and apprentices with Peruvian maestro curanderos don Oscar Miro Quesada, Matthew Magee and Jason Blaesing.  She teaches workshops and intensive weekend training sessions primarily in Chicago and Wisconsin. Additionally, she provides non-denominational ministry services for weddings, commitment services and other life events.



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